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soap rose bouquet gift box Valentine 's Day Gift

  • $ 9999

Size: about 60*21*11 cm

1314 stand for Love Forever in Chinese

520 stand for I Love You in Chinese

It will give more romantic and enjoyable atmosphere to the bath. Great gift for her! Also can be a kind of collection or decoration. Used as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, etc.
Directions for use: For hands, peel off one petal, wet hands and rub between palms to lather. One petal is more than enough to one wash. For bathing: Simply sprinkle a handful of the rose petals into bath tub with half-filled warm water. They foam and dissolve to create a refreshing, fragrant bath.

- Because of adding the pure plant essential oil,the flower contains moisturizing factor,can moisturize your skin and make the skin more Smooth,eliminate the fatigue,effectively suppress the growth of harmful bacteria,Don't worry about allergies,Non-toxic and safe
- Fully replace ordinary soap, the cleanser, facial cleanser, etc.completely dissolved with water,Contain active decontamination factor,Decontamination, cleaning, and sterilization can be finished together at one time;And contains the whitening ingredients such as aloe oil,Natural plant essential oil,can effectively penetrate into skin quickly,Promote blood circulation of whole body,Stimulate the brain,Eliminate the fatigue,Moist the skin.
- Now you can enjoy a romantic bathing full of soap roses,romantic,This is a season full of love ! Love her send her the roses.
- Every lady likes to receive bunches of roses on behalf of fiery love , Valentine's Day, Women's Day , birthdays and so on .When receiving a beautifully packaged, bright dripping roses , they often feel very happy at that moment.

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